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OHRM Consult is an accredited centre to provide Management Development and education program. It was accredited by the Commission For Continuous Learning, United Kingdom (CCL) formerly known as the Christhomas Consortium of London. CCL is an independence consortium of professional organization in the United Kingdom which validates Universities, other higher learning institution offering lifelong learning program and Program providers. CCL validation will ensure the quality standard being achieved and all requirements are complied with all time by the validated institution. In a way to ensure the quality, CCL run its quality inspection on the registered institution. CCL is a recognized independence organization listed in the British Qualification 33rd.Edition.

Programs which are labeled under an accredited lifelong learning scheme (A3LS) may gain recognition from participated universities. Participants who have successfully completed the program may be able to gain credit points which can be accumulated and transferred to a related degree program of the universities. A special Certificate endorsed by the University will be awarded to the successful participants. Participants who do not comply with the credit award requirements but have completely attended the program will be given Certificate of Attendance.

Our public programs will be conducted by qualified and accredited facilitators from OHRM faculty who are academically sound with extensive practical experience in their respective areas.

1. Full program attendance without course work is RM400-00 per day.

2. Full program attendance with course work RM 2,500-00 per module.
(As outlined above, under Transfer of Credits)

All cheques shall be crossed and made payable to "OHRM Consult Sdn Bhd" before or upon commencement of the course.

Interested candidates may secure their place by registering through online form provided here .


No. Code Module Date/Time Venue
01. A3LS 001 The Theory of Human Capital     
02. A3LS 002 The ROI of Human Capital      
03. A3LS 003 Strategic Human Resource Management      
04. A3LS 004 Legal System    
05. A3LS 005 Labor Law    
06. A3LS 006 Industrial Relations Law    
07. A3LS 007 Court Procedure & Case Presentation     
08. A3LS 008 Occupational Safety & Health Management    
09. A3LS 009 Performance Management    
10. A3LS 010 Total Quality Management    
11. A3LS 011 organizational Architecture     
12. A3LS 012 Operation Management     
13. A3LS 013 Research Methodology      
14. A3LS 014 Thesis Writing and SPSS Workshop    
15. A3LS 015 Management Information System      
16. A3LS 016 Management Skills for Managers    
17. A3LS 017 Management Consulting     
18. A3LS 018 Counseling Skills for Managers and Supervisors    
19. A3LS 019 Negotiation and Conflict Resolutions      

All of the A3LS Program above can be conducted in house internationally upon request. A selected program may be customized to the regional environment if conducted in PR China, India, Qatar, Indonesia or Vietnam.

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